The Highlands Animal Clinic: Healthy Living for Your Pet

With 25 years of experience, Dr. Lynn Horrar is the sole practitioner at the Highlands Animal Clinic. Continuity of care is an important feature of this practice. Along with a courteous and compassionate staff, she focuses on enriching the whole family by practicing routine healthcare and attending to individul needs with a neighborly concern.


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Found as a stray in the middle of the street in St. Matthews (his namesake), Matthew actually opened the Highlands Animal Clinic with Dr. Horrar-- and quickly determined that she would be his subordinate. He worked his way up from a playful kitten known for literally bouncing off walls to the resident CFO (Chief Feline Officer) with a reputation for soothing worried clients. He won over many hearts throughout his 17 1/2 years at the Highlands Animal Clinic before his passing in 2009. Though he is missed terribly, his spirit remains ever present.

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From consultation to diagnostics and treatment: Our team is committed to preserving and restoring your animal's health.